2.1 Portfolio Book Thief Essay

Symbolism, imagery, point of narration. chose one and talk about in three different ways
The books revealing the idea, settings, lessons
why they were there, do they show maturation fro Herman death of son or poverty in germany world war 2 didn’t have anything or max being hidden and leisel helped – stand over man every one has someone standing of them represents hitler good and bad standover men.
choose three books that show that stuff above
1. The shoulder shrug research book burnings
2. The standover man
3. Mein Kampf get insight into this as well what was in it and why it was powerful.
In the text The Book Thief the writer uses book symbolism to reveal the purpose of the text and his writing. I am going to show how the symbolisms  used by looking into the books that come up throughout the story. These books all have significance in the main character, Liesels Meminger’s life. The three books I will talk about are The Shoulder Shrug, The Standover Man and Mein Kampf.

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