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Home – Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors and Bebe Rexha

I have chosen to respond to the song “Home” sung by Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors and Bebe Rexha because its a song about finding yourself through the rough times life presents us with. It presents the idea of discovering peace in this war zone of a world we live in today. Along with these ideas the lyrics sing “someone take me home”,  telling us that the journey of finding your “home” cannot happen alone, we as humans will always need the help and connection of others. 

I am still young at 16 years old , but this song has helped me over this year to get through the struggles life has presented me with. My grandfather passed late last year and this song has helped me with that in teaching me to find myself with the help of my family and friends. I was able to find peace with him passing even through the rough times. The lyric “I found no cure for the loneliness” has taught me that people come and go and there is no way to stop the hurt you are left with, the only thing you can do is come to peace with myself and let go of the hurting. I would personally recommend this text to anyone struggling with a hurdle life has thrown at them as it may help the person overcome the problem and learn to move on in their journey of finding their “home”.

There is so much trouble in the world today, war striking, poverty and discrimination. In the song home I believe that it can help any listener find their own version on peace away from the rife world we are trapped in. It may be used as an escape for those trapped in a world of pain. “To give me the strength to look the devil in the face and make it home safe” This lyric stuck with me as we all have our own devils in life, may it be an unfair boss, the loss of a loved one or a breakup. It’s relatable but also teaches us that we can’t let our “devil” take away our peace, our home. It proves that it can be hard to face your problems but for our own sake we need to have the strength. We need the strength to be able to find our “home”, to be content in our own skin and lead a harmonic life.

The 21st century has brought to us a lot of growth in how we treat each other. Things like equality and the rising openness about mental disorders. We are becoming the most connected generation to come and this song is a representative of this. We are so connected wherever we are with the rapid growth of social media that we forget to be there for people in real life. “Crowded streets, but I’m all alone”, This sentence is a way of saying that even in a place buzzing with people no one is aware of their surroundings anymore. People have become so good at reaching out to people on the other side of the world but have left their own street feeling empty. I think that within this songs meaning of finding a safe place to call “home”, there is also a side wanting man kind to connect once again, to help each other on the journey of freedom within.

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