2.9 Reading Response 6 Man in the Mirror

This song by the King of Pop, Micheal Jackson lyrically tells a story about a man who’s struggling with his image and identity within himself. The song portrays great messages about these two topical issues.

The first lyrics in this song are “I’m gonna make a change.” To me this lyric is about making change within yourself. I think its important that to keep growing in ourselves we need to make changes in who we are and how we think. It’s also important we do this to make sure we do this for ourselves, to improve ourselves and not for anyone else or because of anyone else. I think this lyric shows that change is good and is necessary for our own personal growth and development. From personal experience change can be hard and challenging at times but that shouldn’t be a reason to stop us. Moving to Mt Aspiring College was a very big change in my life and a tough one in that. Not only did I have to move to the opposite end of the country but I also left behind friends and family. I had to make a whole new begging, but one year later I can see how I’ve growing into who I am today. Change is very necessary and this song represents this idea perfectly so I recommend this any person willing to make a change for the better in their life. 

I think Micheal Jackson portrays a very important message in this song, being that we must change ourselves before we try change the world. “I’m starting with the man in the mirror.” This lyric shows the listener that not only does he want to put his message out there to the world but he is also taking action. This shows a lot about the world we live in today, it may not be a message that everyone follows but it’s one that I believe needs to be. In our busy world full of war, starvation and poverty so many of us want to help, we want to change the world. Me included. Though it seems overwhelming as theres so much evil. This song aids with that as its grounding to me and makes me go back to my roots. It pushes me to look into what it is I need to change in my self before I overwhelm myself with the problems of the world. I think it’s important that it’s understood that the song is not about being selfish in the fact that we are only changing ourselves, but instead Micheal Jackson is pointing out how it’s necessary that change starts with you. 

“The Man in the Mirror” teaches us that if we want the world to be a brighter place, we have to start with ourselves. “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change”. I’ve discovered that it’s impossible to change other people as much as I’ve tried. This song inspires me to look into a situation and see what I can take away from it. Whether it’s good or bad theres always a need for us to look at ourselves and decide what we need to change. I find that if I’m not getting along with someone around me, I just have to ask myself what the problem is. More times than not it’s a problem within me thats creating a barrier between this said person and I. Once I can change how I see this problem I’m always able to move past it and in the end grow as a person.

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